Personal Stylists in Edmonton and Saudi Arabia

Our Vision

At DOSSA, our overarching vision revolves around empowering our clientele to exude confidence and preparedness in any scenario. We recognize the profound correlation between looking impeccable and feeling exceptional, and our commitment is to play a pivotal role in nurturing your self-assurance while simultaneously elevating your individual style.

Our Mission

Our core mission is to extend our expertise to both men and women, aiding them in cultivating a sense of contentment and delight within their wardrobes through a compassionate and personalized methodology. We are dedicated to fostering genuine connections and engaging collaboratively in your journey of personal evolution.

Our Goals

Our objectives are straightforward: we aspire to craft a transformation so profound that your satisfaction with your newfound aesthetic becomes an enthusiastic recommendation that resonates throughout your network. Your endorsement is our ultimate testament to accomplishment.

Our Philosophy

Cultivating an inviting and supportive ambiance that embraces limitless personal expression, instills self-assurance, and cultivates elegance for all.


Explore our comprehensive range of expert styling services, thoughtfully designed to elevate and refine your wardrobe, ensuring you always exude confidence and style.

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Fashion Styling

Elevate your brand’s image and enhance the style of your campaigns with our expert fashion styling services.

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Virtual Styling

Our Virtual Styling service is ideal for individuals with busy schedules or those living remotely who need styling advice virtually.

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Wardrobe Styling/Editing

Transform your style and unlock your wardrobe’s potential with our Wardrobe Styling/Editing service.

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Personal Shopping

Elevate your style and embrace a truly personalized shopping experience with our exceptional Personal Shopping Service.

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Gift Package

Share the gift of style with your loved ones with our Personal Styling service gift packages.

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Corporate Styling

Bring new life to your corporate environment with our Corporate Styling service.

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Styling Subscription

Refresh your look and elevate your style effortlessly with our exclusive Styling Subscription service.

Completed Style Journeys

Browse Through The Carefully Curated Wardrobes of Our Satisfied Clients and Find Your Own Style Inspo

Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly complete this form with utmost detail to provide us with insights into your distinctive style aspirations. Following the receipt of your form, we will promptly reach out to arrange your personalized, complimentary consultation session.

The timeframe for appointments varies based on your location, extending from one day to up to one week from the time of your booking. Please specify your preferred date and time, and we will make diligent endeavours to cater to your scheduling preference.

We offer in-person appointments across Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding areas, as well as in Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. If you are located outside of Edmonton and Saudi Arabia and are considering an in-person appointment, please inform us of your location, and we will strive to make suitable arrangements to accommodate your request.

The selection of shopping destinations will be tailored according to your individual style objectives. Our emphasis lies on premium, sustainable brands and items that enhance the value and lasting appeal of your wardrobe. During our onboarding phase, we’ll request you to provide a list of your preferred stores, incorporating those selections into our choices. Additionally, we’ll introduce some of our own preferred shops to ensure a well-rounded shopping experience.

Our team will visit the store in advance of your arrival, dedicating several hours to meticulously curate a collection of high-quality pieces. These selections will be tailored precisely to your preferences, body type, and the moodboard you’ve pre-approved, with the aim of creating potential outfits. Upon your store visit, you’ll find these thoughtfully chosen items arranged in your dressing room. After examining and discussing these ensembles, we will jointly explore the store to collaboratively hand-pick any additional items that capture your interest. This shopping experience is designed to be a partnership between you and our team. We place utmost importance on your style objectives and expectations, and our dedicated efforts are aimed at ensuring that your goals are not only met but exceeded.

As our team will be present at the store a few hours ahead of your visit, the in-store shopping experience typically takes around 2-4 hours. However, if our excursion encompasses multiple stores and diverse styling choices, the duration could extend beyond this range. During our initial consultation, we’ll engage in a dialogue to determine the exact time requirement, recognizing that each client’s requirements are distinct and warrant personalized consideration.

The number of shopping appointments required hinges on the extent of your desired wardrobe transformation. If your focus is on refining professional attire or preparing for a formal occasion, our team can efficiently address your needs within 3 business days. For a comprehensive wardrobe overhaul, especially if you prefer a gradual process, multiple trips may be advisable to ensure a thorough enhancement. Your preferences and goals will guide our approach, whether it involves a concentrated effort or a more phased journey.

Our team takes charge of virtual shopping for our clients who are located remotely. Following a thorough exploration of your requirements via questionnaires and virtual consultations, we craft a customized costume moodboard designed to meet your unique needs. Once this moodboard receives your approval, we proceed to perform an in-depth online search to pinpoint the most suitable items tailored to your specifications. Subsequently, we present you with a curated lookbook, encompassing selections from your endorsed stores. Together, we engage in a collaborative review of the lookbook, evaluating the potential of each piece before you finalize the order placements. This comprehensive and inclusive approach guarantees that your individual preferences and style aspirations are meticulously catered to throughout the entirety of the virtual shopping journey.

Although we do not directly handle the payment processing for our online styling service, we do provide clients with links to each item featured within the approved lookbook to order at their convenience.

We offer personal shopping and styling in-person in Edmonton, Alberta, and surrounding areas, as well as in Saudi Arabia, including Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. We also offer remote services for faraway clients seeking professional wardrobe enhancement and expert advice.

Across all our services, we curate selections that align with your body type, color preferences, and requirements. As you assess these items, either through trying them on or reviewing them online, our collaboration ensues to ascertain the ideal fits, pinpoint dislikes, and identify foundational pieces that will augment the diversity and depth of your wardrobe. Ultimately, the ultimate purchasing choices rest with you. After receiving comprehensive advice, styling guidance, and all necessary information, you possess the knowledge required to make informed decisions that suit your preferences.

We don’t have a set minimum amount you’re required to spend. That being said, the average cost of a full wardrobe enhancement ranges from $1500 – $3,000. You can spend more or less depending on what you’re looking for, or conduct multiple trips over the course of several months to slowly build your dream closet.

We accept all major credit cards and electronic transfers. Unfortunately, we do not take cash.

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